Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

The heritage of expressing worship through music is strong and enduring at WHBC. Music and worship are an important part of the life of our church. We have a strong desire to serve God through music and to lead others to grow in their faith through worship. The Music Ministry seeks to nurture the congregation as we all participate in the song of the Church. The song, which we are called to offer, comes from our heart and plays to the heart of God. Each week Weatherly Heights is alive with the sound of music. Music forms an integral part of all our worship experiences, and many of our special events as well.

Music and Worship at WHBC

Worship is the heart of what we do at Weatherly Heights Baptist Church. First and foremost, our purpose is to glorify God. The style of our worship strives to be in keeping with what we believe to be the character of God. Therefore, reverence, holiness, mystery, and awe mark our worship. God is the subject and focus of our worship. “We seek to worship according to the instructions of Jesus, God is Spirit, and those who worship God must worship in spirit and truth (John 4: 24).”

Choirs at WHBC

Song is the common voice of praise in the Christian Church. Each choir and instrumental group is composed of those who choose to become worship leaders through their gift of music. Our major role is to enable the great choir–the congregation of worshipers–to lift up its voice in worship to God. The weekly rehearsals serve to do more than provide an opportunity to make music. We also seek to teach and train as we lead each person to use their music to honor God in a personal way that will be nurturing to the individual and pleasing to God.

The Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir, rehearsing weekly on Wednesday evenings in the Choir Suite, is an all-volunteer group of male and female singers of varying musical backgrounds who sing in each Sunday worship and also in other special events during the year such as our Moravian Christmas Lovefeast. The choir sings a wide variety of music from many historical traditions as well as new literature. We invite you to join us in this ministry as we pursue our call to be music ministers in the choir loft and enjoy the fellowship and care of this community as we grow both in our faith and musical experience. If you have had choral experience in your past or simply have the desire to participate in the choir, we will welcome you to this happy group of music ministers.
Other than their weekly worship leadership, the choir has sung the Faure Requiem with John Rutter in Carnegie Hall in New York City, and in 2013 represented Alabama at the International Mozart Festival in Salzburg, Austria singing Mozart’s Coronation Mass.

The Women of Weatherly is an all-ladies choral group that meets weekly and sings for worship and offers concerts in the community.

The Chapel Choir is a happy group of youth in grades six through grades 12. They meet on Sunday afternoons at 5:00 in the choir suite.

The Children’s Music Ministry

Children’s choirs are a fundamental part of our music ministry. Dedicated directors educate and train our children to use the gift of music and other worship arts as a means to praise and glorify God. To this end, engaging, diversified music experiences for children enable each child to find their place in the joyful expression of worship to God. Our current theme is K.I.D.S. (Kids In Dynamic Service)

  • Mini-Notes K.I.D.S. (Age 4 and 5)
  • Kingdom Choir K.I.D.S. (Grades 1 and 2)
  • Carol Choir K. I. D. S (Grades 3-5)

These groups meet on Sunday evenings, 5:30-6:30 when schools are in session.

Instrumental Music

Weatherly Heights Baptist Church enjoys the rich talents of music in the congregation as well as those in choral groups.
The Weatherly Orchestra plays once a month during the school term rehearsing on the Sunday of their worship leadership at 8:00 am. They also are part of special functions during the liturgical year.

The Weatherly Festival Orchestra is an expanded version of the Weatherly Orchestra with community players adding to our orchestral music. The Weatherly Festival Orchestra is heard on special liturgical emphases such as All Saints Sunday, Pentecost, Easter, and in our Moravian Christmas Lovefeast.

Handbells at Weatherly has a long-held tradition as part of our music and worship ministry. There are opportunities for adults, youth, and children as well as soloists and hand bell ensembles to add this medium to the worship life of our church.

Want To Get Involved?

There are a handful of ways to partner with us. If you are interested in any of these areas, email any member of our ministry team to get connected.

  • Music: If you sing or play an instrument, we would love to know you.
  • Liturgy: If you are gifted with words, we need people who desire to craft the language of the corporate readings we have in our worship service. And if you are comfortable reading in front of people, there could be a place for you in leading worship as well.
  • The Arts: if you are an artist of any sort and are interested in bringing your gifts as part of our weekly printed material, we welcome your gifts. If you are interested in bringing stories and texts to life, we are always open to ways to incorporate actors in the worshipping life of our church.