Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

Welcome From the Pastor

Our Vision Statement defines our church as an “inclusive, discovering fellowship.” We are inclusive, welcoming all onto the journey of faith. We are discovering, exploring traditional and new areas of faith development. Weatherly is a church out of the Baptist tradition that honors individual freedom and responsibility to God. View these pages and learn more about a community of people passionately committed to Christian faith and open to the many ways people journey to God.

David B. Freeman, Pastor



Weekly Activities


Sunday School - 9:00
Morning Worship - 10:10
ESL - 9:30 & 6:00
Wednesday Night Supper - 5:30
Children & Youth Missions -6:15
Adult Bible Study - 6:15
Chancel Choir - 7:00


Upcoming Events

Sundays from September 8-Nov 3   The Discovery Hour Classes   5:30 (info)

December 10  Sing-A-Long Messiah   7:30

December 15  Lovefeast   6:30


About Us

Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

Our Ministries

We believe every follower of Jesus Christ is a minister, with talents and gifts that can be used to serve the church and its people. From music to children's ministries to the spiritual formation of our entire community, Weatherly has many ways for you to get involved.

Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

Our Missions

God's call to salvation is also a call to mission, and Weatherly works to lift up those in need in our local and worldwide communities. Our members believe Jesus commands us to care for 'the least of these.'

Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

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1306 Cannstatt Drive, Huntsville,
AL 35803

Phone: 256-881-6882256-881-6882

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