Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

Weatherly Heights Baptist Church became involved in ministry to the international community in our area when Madison Baptist Association started the first English as a Second Language classes in 1968. Seeing the need for a ministry in southeast Huntsville, Weatherly began an International Friendship Coffee in 1990 and that led to the ESL classes that were started in 1996.

English as a Second Language classes are offered at Weatherly Heights Baptist Church every Wednesday morning and evening throughout the school calendar year. There are classes for beginning to advanced level students as well as classes in pronunciation, idioms, conversation, and citizenship. Workers are volunteers from WHBC and the community and include teachers, drivers, nursery, hospitality, administration, and records.

Students come from all areas of the world and find acceptance, encouragement, orientation to American life and friendship as well as instruction and practice in the English language. Workers receive exposure to world cultures and practices which enlarge their understanding and acceptance of others as well as the satisfaction that comes from personal involvement in meeting the needs of these newcomers to our community.

Anyone interested in knowing more or becoming involved in the ESL Ministry is welcome to visit the classes Wednesday, 9:30-11:30am or 6:00-7:30pm. There are business cards on the table near the choir room that can be given to contacts who might be interested in coming to these classes. Longtime church member, Becky Harchanko, serves as the Director of ESL at Weatherly.

NEW CLASSES begin August 10.    ESL and Citizenship Classes:  ESL Facebook Page