2018 Fall Sunday Evening Classes: A variety of studies in the areas of theology, spiritual disciplines, missions, and more are offered in the Fall and Spring “semesters.” Nursery, children, and youth programming coincide with classes (unless otherwise noted).


Book Review

Led by Melissa Lewallen  (Room 212)

Join in reading and discussing the book Costly Grace: An Evangelical Minister’s Rediscovery of Faith, Hope, and Love by Rob Schenck.

Walk with Rev. Schenck through his three conversion experiences, each one changing the direction of his life and his ministry.  Reason through his motivations.  Respond to his experience.

First and Second Things

Led by Dr. Jonathan Fisher, “the Hillbilly Physicist”  (Room 215)

Recent research by the Barna Group has highlighted reasons for millennial’s “diaspora” from the American evangelical church.  We will discuss evidence of the diaspora and the following list of concerns:  being hypocritical, once saved always saved, anti-science, end times, being too political, human sexuality, predestination vs free will.