Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

“Stations of the Cross” is sponsored by four southeast Huntsville churches, including Latham United Methodist Church, Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Hope Presbyterian Church, and Weatherly Heights Baptist Church, which organizes the event each year.  This event begins at Noon.  The Good Friday walk has drawn more than 225 participants each year.

Participants begin the walk at the Aldridge Creek Greenway entrance on Mountain Gap Road. As they make their way to each of the 14 stations on the path, they will encounter many of the characters central to the New Testament crucifixion story, including Mary, Peter, Pilate, and Simon of Cyrene.

Readers at each station lead participants in Scripture reading, responsive reading, and prayer.

The walk finishes at McGucken Park near Challenger School.  The walk is about 1.5 miles one way.  Transportation is provided back to Mtn. Gap.

Stations of the Cross, and similar services, have their roots in the early Christian practice of retracing the path Jesus walked from the Garden of Gethsemane, through the Valley of Kidron and the streets of Jerusalem, and finally to Calvary. The southeast Huntsville churches use the Scriptural, rather than the Traditional, Way of the Cross as its model.