Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

Lincoln Village Ministry is run by the Lincoln Village Preservation Corporation, a non-profit set up just to improve the life and welfare of the Lincoln Mill Village.

Lincoln Village Preservation is purchasing homes in the area to renovate and rent as low cost affordable housing. These renovations result in a home, run down and unfit for habitation, becoming a thoroughly modern, safe home for families. Weatherly is one of the many partners in this ministry. At least 40 other churches, business and civic groups have supported the improvements in the Lincoln Village area. As a church, we have renovated several units, ranging from 2 bedroom apartments to 3 bedroom 2 bath houses, an office building, a community center, and a dental clinic. We contribute some funding for the renovations, but our main support is through our labor.

Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

When we first started working with Lincoln (over 10 years ago), we also supported the Lincoln Elementary School with room mothers and tutors. When Lincoln Elementary was closed, we followed the students to Martin Luther King Elementary (MLK). Since that time, Lincoln Village Preservation has been able to buy the old Lincoln Elementary and has established the Lincoln Academy private school. This school is for students in the Lincoln Village area and is supported entirely by donations and volunteers.

MLK is a very low-income school with over 95% of the students on free and reduced lunch. For many of these students their meals at school may be all the food they get. Over half of these students get supplementary food for the weekends; however, during breaks they do not. In the Spring of 2015, Weatherly decided to provide food to all of the MLK students during Spring break. It was a very successful undertaking and plans are to continue it for future Fall, Christmas, and Spring breaks.