Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

In 1982, two students at Cumberland College in Williamsburg, KY, found an elderly man and his mentally handicapped son living in a rundown shack. They first were going to try and repair the place, but soon realized that they would have to build a new house for them. Neither had any construction experience, but within a couple of weeks they had twenty volunteers and contributions of building supplies and began to build a house. That was the beginning of Mountain Outreach as a student lead ministry of Cumberland College, now University of the Cumberlands. Our involvement with Mountain Outreach began in 1986, when Gail Coulter, a former Minister of Youth and Education at Weatherly, organized an adult mission trip to construct a home with Mountain Outreach. Since that time, Weatherly has gone to Kentucky all but two years and constructed a new home in the Williamsburg area. To date there are over a 150 Mountain Outreach homes.

Our part of the construction is the framing. When we start work on Monday morning there is either only a foundation or a foundation with a subfloor, when we leave at the end of the week, we have a dried-in house with windows, doors, and roof. If we have time, we at least start the siding and rough in the electrical. This is all done with a group of volunteers that in most cases had no construction experience prior to going to Kentucky the first time. There are jobs for anyone who wants to make the trip.

On this trip, we not only build a home for a family in need, but during that week we build relationships with the members of our team. It is hard work that puts a smile on your face. Many of our team plan their vacations around this week and very few people ever go just one time.