Weatherly Heights Baptist Church
Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

The lecture series has been canceled due to COVID-19.

Past Lecture Series Weekends Have Included:

Dr. Emmanuel McCall 2019 Understanding the Worship Traditions of the African Americans
Dr. Neil Lamb 2018 HudsonAlpha for Biotechnology
Dr. G. Todd Wilson 2017 How to Understand and Interpret the New Testament
Dr. Steve Donaldson 2016 Dimensions of Faith: Understand Faith Through the Lens of Science and Religion
Roberta Bondi 2015 To Love as God Loves
Lecture Series Canceled 2014
Tony Cartledge 2013 Genesis
Robert Benson 2012 Prayer
Alan Culpepper 2011 Gospel of John
Randall O’Brien 2010 Forgiveness
K. Beasley-Topliff 2009 Desert Fathers/Mothers
Frank Tupper 2008 Re-thinking God Today
Glandion Carney 2007 The Spirituality of Jesus
Nancy de Claisse-Walford 2006 Psalms
Molly Marshall 2005 Living in the Spirit
Randall O’Brien 2004 Job
Glenn Hinson 2003 The Spirituality of the NT
Roger Olsen 2002 Open Theism