Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

Our task as a family of faith is to support and encourage a child’s innate religious sensibilities, not give them a capacity they may well have in greater abundance than we.” – Sofia Cavaletti

While believing that the church has a cherished and sacred role in the spiritual formation of children, Weatherly Heights is committed to equipping parents/guardians for their role as the primary conveyor of the faith. The home, therefore becomes “the domestic church” for each of its members and the church offers some of the needed tools by means of education, spiritual formation experiences, worship, mission activities, pastoral care, and community building.

  • Sunday School
  • Worship with Children
  • Music
  • Special Needs Buddies
  • Missions Education
  • Family meals shared in community
  • Praying for the needs of the community
  • Kid’s GUIDE
  • Liturgical Seasons of the Year
  • Lent: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
  • Easter Walk
  • Traditional and Flashlight Egg Hunts
  • Resurrection Cross
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Family Dedications

Summer Programs:

  • VBS
  • PASSPORTkids!
  • Teamkid

Advent Programs:

  • Symbols of the Christmas Season Ornament Making
  • Decorating the Children’s Tree
  • Collecting a Special Offering of Childcare Items in Celebration of Christ’s Birth (Past Recipients include the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home in Decatur, Alabama, Manna House, and Girls, Inc.)
  • Milk and Cookies Fellowship


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