Youth will meet on the following Wednesday nights in the summer after Teamkid until 8:30pm.  Drop-off and pick-up will be at the church unless otherwise noted.

May 31:  Dinner and Putt-Putt
Youth will eat pizza at the church and then head to Funtasia for Putt-Putt.

June 14:  TBA

June 28:  Pool Party at the Willet’s Home
Dinner will be served at the Willets.  Transportation will be provided to their house but Youth should be picked-up at the Willets at 8:30pm.
Address: 10206 Torino Dr, Huntsville, AL  35803

July 12: Dinner and a Movie at WHBC
Dinner will be provided and Youth should bring their favorite movie (PG-13 or under).  We will pick a movie and watch it in the Youth room.

July 19:  Water Games at the Church
After the kids leave, the Youth will play some fun water games at WHBC.  Pizza provided for dinner.  Wear a swimsuit and bring a towel and flip flops.

WHRC Youth