Sunday School

Bible study on Sunday mornings at 9:00 is an important component of spiritual formation at Weatherly. We offer a variety of classes for adults that are often interspersed with studies of special interest. Although our adults tend to group themselves by age, all of our classes are open to all ages. Adults are encouraged to visit several classes before deciding where to join.


Children Teachers
ED 107A Babies and Toddlers Susan Davis

Sally Hershberger

Linda Worley

ED 107B One and Two Year Olds Donna Stott
ED 107C Three and Four Year Olds Liz Brown

Beverly Livingston

ED 107D Kindergarten/1st Grade Elaine Avery

Dorothea Dunham

ED 108   2nd/3rd Grades Beverly Olmsted

Sharon Sapp

ED 110   4th/5th Grades Bonita Rodkey

Judy Swaim

Special Needs Jean Arrowood

Anne Livingston

Youth Teachers
LH 6th/7th/8th Grades Todd Long

Ann Noren

Greg Olmsted

LH 9th/10th/11th/12th Grades Kelly Freeman

Linda Meigs

Adults Teachers
ED 218 Agape The Agape Class, led by Terri Caniglia, uses Baptists Today, which follows the lectionary. The class is made up of men and women who enjoy lively discussions.
ED 215 Aletheia The Aletheia Class, led Preston Augustus, Mary Jane Aycock, Murray Carroll, Gunter Livingston and Eugene Worley, uses the Baptists Today literature.   This is a class of men and women searching for scriptural truth.
ED 214 Bible and Breakfast The Bible and Breakfast Class, led by Gene and Pat Sapp, was established about 2003 with the initial membership emphasis on couples with young children. Class participants have evolved to include couples and singles with or without children of all ages. There is a strong emphasis on fellowship with each Sunday class session beginning with an informal time of sharing, including a light breakfast. The class then offers a well-balanced diet of faith-based study and discussion using the Smyth & Helwys Formations Series.
ED 105 Foundations The Foundations Class, led by Angie and Nick Zuschlag, is currently doing a study of Name Changes in the Bible. The class is made up of young adult and college-age members.
ED 204 Friendship The Friendship Class, led by Jeri Jackson, is defined by its name. It began with the establishment of Weatherly and continues today. The members are distinctive individuals with varied gifts that mesh every Sunday. Their study is intensified by the Smith & Helwys Formations Series literature that they use. They laugh at the foibles and missteps in their lives as they keep growing spiritually. They are interesting and ageless. All are welcome.
ED 220 Hallway to Heaven The Hallway to Heaven Class, led by Linder Gilmer, is currently studying the Book of Acts from the Kerygma series.
ED 202 Internationals The Internationals Class, led by Gloria Gann and Becky Harchanko, is currently studying the Parables of Jesus as a launching point of Jesus’ teachings for Christians and non-Christians.
ED 221 Pathfinders The Pathfinders Class, led by Preston Augustus, Pete Garrett, Keith Noren and Ed Strange, uses Baptists Today as the Biblical basis for animated discussions.
ED 213 Roundtable Bible Study The Roundtable Bible Study Class, led by Jim Harchanko, is currently reading the Book of James and using various translations of the Bible, commentaries, and the internet to discuss how scripture applies to today’s culture, framed by Jesus’ example.
ED 102 Seekers The Seekers Class, led by Alice Caruso and Debra Williams, is exactly that – a group of seekers. Although they welcome all ages, they primarily are a group of senior women who seek knowledge, not just from Biblical and spiritual standpoints, but from life in general. They truly love and care for each other and value their diversity as much as their same mindedness. They are accepting of each others’ ideas and supportive of each other through prayer, phone calls, cards, visits and lots of hugs. They have a lively discussion sprinkled throughout with a lesson each week from LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life.
ED 216 Young Adult The Young Adult Class, led by Laura Lemley, is currently studying Warren Wiersbe’s “Be” Series.