2018 Spring Sunday Evening Classes: A variety of studies in the areas of theology, spiritual disciplines, missions, and more are offered in the Fall and Spring “semesters.” Nursery, children, and youth programming coincide with classes (unless otherwise noted).

Downtown Rescue Mission Dinner Service

Organized by Jan Johnson

A Weatherly group has found serving the evening meal at the Downtown Rescue Mission to be very meaningful.  On Sunday evenings, they serve dinner to 200-300 homeless men, women, and children.  They do not prepare the meal; they only serve it.  And get to know the homeless.  And the workers at the mission.  And themselves.

Other groups enjoy this work also, so we will not serve every Sunday.  We are committed for  April 8.  If you want a hands-on experience that will be rewarding, join this group serving dinner at the Downtown Rescue Mission.  Dinner’s at 5PM sharp!

What’s is the Bible?

Led by Dr. Leslie Kaiura  (Room 220)

Influential and controversial writer, speaker, and former pastor Rob Bell takes readers on a whirlwind tour of the Bible, giving fresh insight into how it is more relevant and revolutionary than we ever imagined.  Using historical and cultural context and drawing connections between various parts of scripture, he pulls deep, inspiring, and challenging lessons from stories we know–and some we may not (King Melchizedek, anyone?).  Bell writes, “Some people see the Bible as an outdated book of primitive, barbaric fairy tales that we have moved way beyond.  And so they ignore it, missing all of the progressive and enlightened ideas that first entered human history through the writers of the Bible–ideas and ideals that we still fall short of.”

Dr. Kaiura is Associate Professor of Spanish and Interim Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  She invites all to join her for this intriguing study.  Leslie can order books for anyone who is interested at a cost of $15 each. This class will meet in Room 220.

Your God is Too Small

Led by Chad Rutherford  (Room 214)

You are invited to a series that challenges participants’ conventional views of God.  In his groundbreaking book Your God is Too Small, J.B. Philips gives us a warning:  “Your faith will not grow beyond the limits you set on your view of God.”  In this series the class will talk about what Philips calls “destructive” concepts that many people have of God and what that might mean to faith.  Toward the end the focus will shift to more “constructive” ways to view God and explore how those views might be applied in daily life.  The class will be a standard lecture format, with many opportunities for discussion as participants seek to grow their faith through a personal view of God.

Chad Rutherford is thrilled to have the opportunity to lead a lecture series.  He has taught adult Sunday School at several churches in Huntsville for the past 20 years and has participated in and led Disciple Bible Studies for small groups for many years.  Chad is an avid handbell player, and rings with both the Heritage Ringers and the Trinity Handbell Quartet.  He has a B.S.(Alabama) and M.S.(Georgia Institute of Technology) in Mechanical Engineering and has worked as an engineer since coming to Huntsville in 1997.